Veteran Lament

The drums have all played
The songs have been sung
The flags have been waved
The wreaths have been hung
The vets have been honored
On their special day
But past 11/11 our thoughts turn away

We did our bit to say thank you and all.
We wore our best clothes as we praised those who fall.
When the day is done, we feel good inside.
We have honored our heroes and are filled up with pride.
But holidays come and with them we pause,
To give our mete thanks, and await Santa Claus.

Our families we gather, our feasts we prepare
We speak out our thanks in our church with our prayer,
Thanks for our friends, our loved ones and kin,
Thanks too for this country we're all living in.
Thanks for this roof we have o'er our head,
Thanks also to God for the blood his son shed, Amen.

Then we travel the road from our church to our home,
We view our community and all its surrounds.
But wait, in the cold, whom is that we espy,
A ragged old beggar, hardly worth e'en a sigh,
Bending over with pain with nought for his pelf
He suffers what surely he brought on himself
He must be a drunk who has paved his own doom,
That's why he sleeps with stars in his room.

We wonder how could such as he be so craven
That in this free land he is so misb'havin'
We think back a bit to that time so soon past
When we honored our veterans who would be so aghast
Then she turns and we see not only her gender,
But the unit patch she wears with proud splendor,

With her comrades in arms, for us, faced the foe,
No tear nor regret would they have as they go,
The bombs and the guns they bravely withstood,
For us they have also given much of their blood.
Some of her unit paid the ultimate price,
They laid down, for our sake, their very young life.
But, their buddies in arms also paid a steep fee.

She is one of those who still bears the cost
Not death, but a sentence to live this, her life.
The demons she fought, the comrades long dead
She just cannot get these out of her head.

We may read of her soon, one more in our jail
She went suddenly wild and slipped beyond the pale
Should we stop and consider what help we didn't give,
Or move on and mutter what a shame how she lived?

Anonymous Vet


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